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    How Can I Promote My Business with Postcards?

    Postcards are a great marketing tool for any business. You can use postcards as a promotional tool to showcase a sale or discount, bullet points about what makes your company unique, enticing photos, and of course your contact information and logo. Postcards give you the ability to make an instant impression, so be sure to choose your postcard designs wisely. One of the great things about sending a postcard in the mail is that a business owner's customers or prospects will not be distracted by an envelope – if there’s an exciting offer or interesting news, it will not be overlooked. You can also give out postcards in person during local marketing and outdoor advertising campaigns.

    If you're a business owner, you should keep some postcards on you at all times — take your custom postcards to trade shows, company events, and popular establishments. You can also design postcard business cards to act as your main form of promotional collateral and contact exchange.

    Uses for Postcards Away from Work

    In addition to business uses, postcards also have personal appeal. You can send out personal postcards, ‘miss you’ postcards, or ‘wish you were here’ postcards to family and friends while on a vacation or work trip. You can send Christmas postcards as an alternative to greeting cards around the holidays or send out birthday postcards to help family, friends, and even your customers and employees celebrate. You can also create other seasonal postcards for enjoyable events like Memorial Day postcards, 4th of July postcards, and outdoor music postcards. Picture postcards with coworkers, family, and friends are suitable for every occasion while wedding postcards will hopefully be used just once in a lifetime.

    Different Types of Postcards at 123Print

    Postcard ‘thank you’ cards are perfect for numerous occasions to show your appreciation both personally and on behalf of your business. Reminder postcards or 'save the date' postcards are great to let someone know about an upcoming promotion or event. Appointment reminder postcards are nice if you are a business that must continually set up meetings with your customers and clients, like a dentist or doctor. Health and wellness professionals like spa owners can also take advantage of designing spa postcards to remind their customers about regular visits. If you are a religious organization that has regular meetings, you can design your religious postcards here too. For any business that is relocating, moving announcements are another version of a ‘save the date’ postcard that will convey your important information. You can also send out moving announcements to family and friends to let them know about an upcoming change in address. Our template design themes include occupation/industry (e.g. landscaping, lawn care, spa, pet care, real estate, etc.), stripes, patterns, shapes, floral prints, and more!

    123Print Is Your Postcard Printer

    If you’re looking for postcard printers, 123Print has every occasion covered. We want to do our very best to become your #1 postcard printing company. We offer double-sided postcard designs on quality high-gloss postcard paper in a wide range of styles and two different sizes:

    You can also create your own postcards with our digital personalizer and easy-to-use postcard maker. You can effortlessly upload photos for your postcards, as we pride ourselves on offering simple but thorough design your own postcard tools and high-quality photo postcard printing.

    Features and Specifications

    • 120 lb. UV high-gloss paper stock
    • UV coated on the front for images and durability
    • Matte on the back for writing a personal message

    Postcard Prices

    Quantity 100 250 500 1000 2500 2500+
    Standard Size Price $24.71 $49.46 $90.05 $150.39 $299.93 Call Us
    Oversized Price $35.60 $71.24 $129.65 $235.53 $471.15 Call Us

    How long will it take to get my postcards?

    It takes about 24 hours from the time you order for us to print your postcards. Shipping usually takes up to three business days after your product is printed. For more information on delivery times, click here.

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